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What is a Special Issue?

RS Open Journal on Innovative Communication Technologies Special Issues are a collection of articles that focus on specific research topics, which fall within the scope of the RS-OJICT journal.

Special Issues are created by Guest Editors and/or Associate Editors, once their proposal is accepted by the RS Open Journal on Innovative Communication Technologies Editorial Committee. Each Special Issue will include an editorial that introduces the collection of at least three articles on the topic. Completed Special Issues are grouped together in the RS-Xplore digital library.

Submit a Proposal for a Special Issue

Researchers who plan to submit a proposal for a Special Issue to the RS Open Journal on Innovative Communication Technologies, should prepare the proposal according to the following guidelines: 

  1. The title, topic and scope of the proposed Special Issue should be included. It is important to describe why the proposed topic is timely and significant.
  2. A brief outline of the proposed Special Issue should be provided, indicating the areas in which papers will be solicited.
  3. The Guest Editors should be identified (Special Issues usually involve two to five Guest Editors). They should be selected such that a good technical, geographical and gender balance is achieved.
  4. The proposed call-for-papers should be provided.

The Proposal Form that needs to be filled and submitted can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


Example on a high quality special issue proposal can be found here

The proposal needs to be emailed to the EiC 

Who can submit to a Special Issue ?

Any researcher who is expert in the field of the proposed Special Issue can submit an article to the RS Open Journal on Innovative Communication Technologies. During article submission, authors should select the Special Issue from the pull-down menu of “Manuscript type” in the submission process. To enrich the quality of the submitted papers, Guest Editors of a Special Issue can submit papers to that particular Special Issue, that will undergo a diligent peer-review process.